"Philanthropist - A Person who puts more Money to Work for Good, by seeking to promote the Welfare of Others."

Shri Umrao Singh Ostwal is the Chief Promoter and Chairman Of the “Ostwal Group Of Companies”, He is An Entrepreneur with a Dynamic Personality. A Highly Motivated Leading Developer In Real Estate, Held In High Regard And Goodwill In The Suburbs From Borivali To Boisar In Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh And Rajasthan. He has solutions for the Economic Growth of the Country, in the similar manner, - in which he has enhanced his company to dizzying heights.

U. S. Ostwal - The Brand

Shri Umrao Singh Ostwal Was Born In The Village Of Mangalwad, District Chittorghar, Rajasthan On 16th November 1952. His Father Was In The Grain Business. He Has 7 Brothers and 2 Sisters and Got Married On 21st November 1972.
He Then Came To Mumbai In The Year 1973 To Complete His Education, And His Ambition Of Being A CA {Chartered Accountant} In Mumbai With Determination And Sheer Grit, He Completed His Education The Hard Way Of Learning And Earning.
He Has A Son And 2 Daughters, All Of Whom Are Happily Married. His Son, Shri Kuldeep Singh Ostwal, Is A Young And Dynamic Personality, Who Assists In The Daily Run And Operations Of The Business. Shri U. S. Ostwal Is A Family Man, Who Despite His Busy Schedule, Makes Time For His Family, Making It A Point To Be Present At All Family Functions And Events.


“Success is the Good Fortune that comes from Aspiration, Perspiration and Inspiration."


Shri Kuldeep Singh Ostwal is the Managing Director (MD) of the Ostwal Group of Companies. Hs is a scion with a golden touch. He is a Young Dynamic and Enterprising Young Man, whose Prime concern is the Day to Day handling of the Company. Dealing with all the Venders for New Technology and Better Handling of the Company. He is in touch with the Market, taking care of the Re-development and Slum Rehabilitation and Public Relations. A Cheerful Personality who is very adept in change for a better future. He constantly strives for success by always implementing new research based methodologies and pedagogies. His co-ordination with the Principles and Staff of the U. S. Ostwal Education Society is exemplary. He is the person who, under his direction, will take the company much further ahead, gaining much more accolades and success due to his persistent endeavor and enterprises.